A.B. Yehoshua’s Lamentable Lament

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3 Responses

  1. Garnel Ironheart says:

    AB Yehoshua, Amos Oz et al pine for a non-existent past which makes their present so drab and immoral.

    Perhaps it’s the perpetual insecurity Jews have with success, as exemplified by Steven Spielberg’s two Jewish movies. The suffering and dying of our people in the Holocaust was presented with great sympathy. The fighting and killing of our enemies after Munich, not so much. We like it when Jews are the victims but shuffle nervously when Jews stand up to their enemies and fight back successfully.

    Like some religious Jews who have created a fictional “old country” where everyone was frum, some secular Israelis have created a fictional Israel that, before 1967, was a wonderful and moral place to live. There was no occupation, the people were united, the country had a sense of purpose, etc.

    Naturally these are all fictions. Pre-1967 there was an occupation, only it was the state of Israel itself that was occupied according to the Arabs. Israel’s economy was a disaster year after year. The people were at each other’s throats constantly – right vs left, religious vs. non-religious.

    But all that has faded from the memory of these writers. With the world now condemning Israel for surviving the 1967 war and “occupying” their own land which had been stolen from them in 1948-9, they wish to return to the days when Israel was the underdog, in perpetual danger of being wiped out, because then the world sympathized with us and liked us. That is an Israel their moral senses can live with. A successful Israel with its hand on the neck of its enemies is not.

  2. tzippi says:

    Paragraph 5 (“Israelis, however, have long been conscious….)is magnificent and deserves the widest dissemination possible.

    About Israel’s fatigue: it calls to mind the commentary of Rav Schwab, zt”l on the morning bracha, Hanosein laya’ef koach, Who gives the weary one strength. He understands that this is not referring to the daily renewal of the individual’s strength, as the brachos immediately prior to this are referring to the collective, Israel. Instead, it should be understood, who gives a weary and battered and bone-tired nation Israel the strength to go on.

  3. SM says:

    A successful Israel with its hand on the neck of its enemies is actually a contradiction in terms. A successful Israel would have its hand in the hand of its neighbours.

    People who espouse these views wish for days where Jews demonstrate strength at the expense of magnanimity and wish to be part of an Israel the whole world is against. This is an Israel their moral senses can live with. An Israel which puts humanity to others above the possession of land is not. To avoid it they evoke what God wants – as if they had some privileged access to the knowledge that HKBH would rather we fought than thought.

    You see Garnel, all arguments have a flip side. Attacks on the morals of the people who sincerely hold a view are wrong. Chodesh tov and have a thoughtful Ellul.

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