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5 Responses

  1. Naftali Zvi says:

    The gemara in Kiddushin says:
    The pasuk says “When a man takes a wife…” because it is the man’s duty to search for his wife. What is this likened to? One who has lost an object, it is his nature to go searching for it.

    It is known that every time R’ Nachum Pertzovitz, ZT”L reviewd this gemara in his shiur he would say:

    So the entire ordeal of finding a wife is like searching for an “aveida” (a lost object). So why is it that so many people have a difficult time with it?

    It is because they are looking for a metziah (bargain) and not an aveida!

  2. arnie draiman says:

    excellent concepts. please add to the mix the idea that you are responsible for checking out the place where you are giving tzedakah shekels. if they are not using tzedakah money wisely, efficiently and/or effectively, then you certainly should not be giving to them.

    do not be afraid to ask to see the organization’s financial records. after all, would you buy meat from a butcher with an unfamiliar kashrut certificate, or do you ask around first????

  3. tzippi says:

    Re the shidduch initiative: kudos for anyone who encourages thinking outside the box. But as I hear references to Rav Hirsch and his rebbetzin, and gushing from girls who are happy to now be back in the spotlight, not in spite of but because of their maturity, I have to wonder: what is in it for the girls? Not all young men are RSRH (and thank you for stating that in your article) but are they bringing the requisite middos, maturity, and resourcefulness to the table?

  4. sima ir kodesh says:

    I am ready to shop, can I pay with VISA or my ATM?

  5. Moshe Pogrow says:

    Boruch Hashem to date the Shidduch Initiative has had over 270 close in age shidduchim in 9 months. The average age of the engaged girls has been almost 24 years old. Please spread the word.

    To contact the North American Sidduch Initiative aka the NASI Poject please email [email protected]
    We will BL”N respond to all inquires. Any one wanting to help fund the project can write a check to YSH-NASI 84-48 118th st Kew Gardens NY 11415. Donations are tax dedutible.


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