The Good Guys Win

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4 Responses

  1. L Oberstein says:

    The lesson here is “Don’t bother me with facts, my mind is made up.”
    The people who don’t like Jews and don’t like Israel will see only negative and will discount anythng positive. So what if this killing was staged, it serves the “greater good” in their minds. Zionism was a naive and simplistic assumption that the world would not hate the Jews if we had a secular state of our own. Herzl was wrong.
    That being said, Israel has to figure out what its strategy is for long term viability in the sea of Islamic Fundamentalism and Arab “Humiliation”. Israel has had to play by a different set of rules than other countries that expelled or killed out the indiginous inhabitants. Being a “nice guy” doesn’t work but I really don’t know what the alternative stance should be. I am not willing to sink to the level of my enemies and destroy the moral justification for a state.

  2. Moshe Schorr says:

    I was _thrilled_ with this verdict. I only hope that it manages to get
    even a fraction of the publicity that the original, fraud generated.

    Another wonderful benefit, although I can’t imagine it actually happening, would be that the MSM stop accepting all the “reports” from Paliwood at face value.

  3. Ori says:

    L Oberstein: I am not willing to sink to the level of my enemies and destroy the moral justification for a state.

    Ori: IIRC you wrote you live in Baltimore. With all due respect, this is the kind of decision that belongs to the people in Israel. It’s their lives that are on the line. That is the reason I don’t vote in Israeli elections – I don’t live there, I don’t fight the wars or pay the taxes, so I don’t have the moral right to intervene even if legally I’m still a citizen.

    I don’t think anything would work to make the Arabs reconcile to Israel’s existence:

    1. Their governments, except maybe far away Iraq, are dictatorships that need an enemy to unify their people. They also cannot afford to show weakness by accepting Israel on any territory they claim as their own.

    2. Arabs are used to long running feuds. If they have to wait 192 years to reconquer Jerusalem, they’ve done it before.

    3. I think observant Muslims cannot accept non-Muslim rule on previously Muslim territories. It’s telling that Hamas TV teaches kids also about reconquering Al-Andalus (= Spain and Portugal).

  4. Zev says:

    Gallic not Gaullic. (Galling, this sort of mistake.)

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