Condi in Wonderland

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7 Responses

  1. Bob Miller says:

    How can one assume that Condi Rice carries out her own policy in her own way without backing from the President behind the scenes? His pro-Israel statements to the Knesset represent only the good half of his schizophrenic outlook and policy.

  2. YM says:

    In the past, the USA could use its power to project the ‘threat of force’ and thus gain compliance with whatever policy the USA was projecting. With our current enemies, they are pursuing their policies at the risk of having their entire society destroyed. The threat of force is not sufficient; negotiations will not work; the choices are to fight or to accept the policies of our enemies.

    The problem for the USA is that the American people are anti-war; not just currently, but they have always been. Roosevelt needed Pearl Harbor to get the USA into WW2 and then had to turn out a steady stream of ‘propaganda films’ and other ‘propaganda’ in order that the American people not turn against that war. Also, Roosevelt had the media supporting the war.

    For Israel, it seems like the biggest problem (on a derech teva level) is that we are allowing our enemies to arm and train and get stronger and it is they, not Israel, who will decide when and where the war will be fought.

  3. LOberstein says:

    Like everyone else, I am nervous about the situation of Medinat Yisrroel and the challenges of Iran, etc. Led by Olmert, with Netanyahu and Barak in the wings, I don’t have confidence in the political class. Mcain is a good man and understands this problem better than Obama but Obama will probably win. Europe is weak and full of Moslems. There are two ways to approach this vexing set of problems, Ben Gurion would say, “Ain Breira” and those of us who are believers say “We have none to rely on but our Father in Heaven”> Either way, we need a miracle.

  4. Charlie Hall says:


    It is quite an exaggeration to say that Europe is “full of Moslems”. There is no country in Western Europe that is more than 12% Muslim, and the few contries in Eastern Europe that are mostly Muslim are quite small (except for Turkey, which is mostly in Asia — and is an ally of Israel and the United States).

    It might also be worth mentioning that George Habash may his name be blotted out was not Muslim.

    Dear Rabbi Menken (I assume that you are the initials YM),

    I’m not sure that the US ever had a sufficiently powerful military to gain compliance with the threat of force against anything other than a small country, at least since World War II. Britain and France contributed significantly to the success of the first Persian Gulf War.

    But your point regarding Americans being antiwar is well taken. Many Americans had ancestors who crossed the Atlantic specifically to get away from the nearly constant wars on the continent of Europe that had plagued that region for centuries. One reason for the success of World War II was that the Roosevelt administration abandoned its domestic agenda, appointed prominent Republicans to head the War and Navy departments, let it be known that all segments of society would be expected to contribute (through conscription, rationing, and taxation), and defeated both Germany and Japan in less than the current duration of the Iraq War. By comparison, a very large segment of American society is not convinced that there is a serious threat today as the Bush administration pursued an aggressive and divisive domestic agenda that caused many to think that it was using the war for partisan purposes. As a result, the military is stretched thin, the treasury is broke, the US dollar is plummeting, the public wants OUT, and the new President will have few options. Obama will not be able to withdraw from Iraq but McCain will have no leverage even to deal with any unanticipated problems with Iraq, much less Iran. This is a terrible situation.

    It is also worth noting that the US Secretary of State does nothing without the approval of her boss, President Bush.

  5. Bob Miller says:

    Charlie, the chance of President Bush getting Democrats to climb on board to have a workable bipartisan foreign policy was zero from the start—despite his record of bipartisan activity in Texas—because the Democrats were still boiling over the 2000 election he allegedly stole. The Democrats then set out to sabotage everything he tried to do, except during a short pause after 9/11/2001. The WW2-era Republicans were patriotic enough to pitch in when FDR needed them. Today’s Democrats in Washington have a rather different approach, akin to anti-patriotism, despite their many protestations.

  6. Ori says:

    Charlie Hall, you’re right – at present the Muslims are a minority in Europe. However, they are a much bigger minority than they used to be. For a fairly good explanation of the case for a Muslim Europe, read the afterword for Caliphate.

    The next US president may indeed cut and run in Iraq, leaving it to whatever faction wins the civil war, probably financed by either Iran or Saudi. This will confirm the general belief that the US is very powerful but has an extremely short attention span – if you can withstand it for a bit, it goes away and you can massacre the people who allied themselves with it and go back to whatever you were doing.

  7. LOberstein says:

    The gravity of the problem may be the key to the solution. $ 4.00 gasoline will force the USA to seriously seek alternatives to reliance on oil from unsettled parts of the world. We can develope solar, wind, atomic, better coal and bio fuels . Once the technology is economically advantageous, we can tell our supliers we don’t need them any more. Then Israel will be more secure.
    Bush has been a true friend of Israel even though his mis-adventure into Shiite Iraq has stirred up a hornet’s nest and the end is not in sight. The US is over extended militarily and cannot take on challenges that are more essential than Iraq. The longer range missles flowing into Gaza and Hezbollastan Southern Lebanon cannot be ignored. The silver lining is that it is really not only an Israeli problem. The Sunnis don’t want Iran to rule the region . Though nobody included me in the top secret discussions, I am sure that there is cooperation among the nations of the world to deal with Iranian hegemonic ambitions.
    As far as Europe being Moslem, it is not a question of the percentage but of the attitude of those countries . The media in England and other European countries is prejudiced against Israel in an openly bias way. The US is Israel’s only true friend . This is partially thanks to Christians who love Israel. You don’t find much of that in Europe.

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