A Hint of Jewish Unity

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  1. Bob Miller says:

    This is a side point, but not a trivial one:

    Prof. Dershowitz proposed “that Israel should announce in advance that the price for rocket attacks on Israel will be the destruction of a certain number of houses in neighborhoods from which those rockets emanate.”

    The last thing we need is more bluster from Israel about planned actions they will end up backing out of under pressure. It sometimes seems as if the windy statements are meant to invite the pressure, so that no follow-through will be necessary. The end result is ridicule and a further loss of deterrence. Israel is better off just doing what has to be done, based on input from the relevant experts (including Poskim!).

  2. Bob Miller says:

    Note that the statement quoted in my comment above of March 6, 2008 @ 8:15 am was from Jonathan Rosenblum’s summary of Prof. Dershowitz’ earlier proposal.

  3. Baruch says:

    Dear Reb Jonathan,
    I enjoy reading your articles but I have one question for you and I quote you “Nor was my black hat the only one in the crowd”

    Why is it that you have to mention about your black hat why is this important to know. Why is there so much emphasis placed out outer trappings? It is is easy to don a black hat and wear a black suit but done of these things make a person. In last weeks hebrew edition of the Mishpacha there was a letter to the editor mentioning these same sentiments. The letter was commenting on what was written about Rav Yaakov Perlow. I think if people could get past the outer trappings we would all be better off. You write about Sderot the jews there in my books they are heroes whether they we a black hat blue hat or no hat.

    We should share in good news,


  4. Michael Mirsky says:

    B”H although among the Jewish community in Toronto we have our differences, and there are obvious halachic and haskafic areas that the Orthodox community and other segments will never see eye to eye on, when it comes to issues of helping Yidden in Israel or elsewhere we band together. I saw this in my youth when we supported Soviet Jewry, later for Ethiopian Jewry and always for Jews in Israel.

    I think this is because the parents of a significant majority of the Ashkenazic yidden in Toronto arrived after the war; survivors of the Holocaust. They and their children have a strong sense that there is more that binds Jews of various denominations and nationalities together than what divides us. My feeling is that perhaps this is more diffuse in the US because the major influx from Europe occurred a generation earlier; in the 1880s to 1900s.


  5. Mark says:

    I suspect that “The growing apathy of North American Jewry towards Israel” is fueled in part by virulent anti-Israel campaigning by Satmar (yes, Satmar – not the “fringe” Nerurei Karta group) as evidenced by a full-page advertisement in the January 8, 2008 issue of The New York Times, sponsored by the CRC – Central Rabbinical Congress.

  6. sima ir kodesh says:

    Hers is one of a group of 120 national religious families who have moved to Sderot in recent months. Though I cannot imagine placing my own children in such danger, there is no denying the insight of those families that if Jews are forced to flee Sderot, it will be just the first of many cities we are forced to flee as the range of Palestinian missiles increases.***************************
    Their gevurah is similiar to those who lived during the time of Rav Chaim Sonnenfeld ZT”L, the builder of Yerushayalim. He encouraged the move of families to enclave of MEAH SHEARIM, a settlement surrounded by ARAB families engaged with hostilities (rocks, knives, coarse grenades)towards the new Jewish residents. His tall proud figure stately walked through the gates of ir haatika to perform brissim in Meah Shearim, never failing to arrive timely due to fear of the Arab enemy.
    These natlreligious families, part of the Hesder Yeshiva of Rav Fendel are the spiritual descendents of Rav Sonnenfeld……

  7. Moshe Hillson says:


    Alas, we have again paid that high price this last Thursday night, with a terrorist attack on Yeshivat Mercaz haRav. We also saw a lot of unity in its wake, with partisan newspapers transcending partisan differences in reporting and lamenting the tragedy, and with people from all walks of Jewish life attending the funerals.
    An additional anecdote – Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach was scheduled to speak this last Friday at the inauguration of a “Friday Kollel” in a new Synagogue building in the Ramot A neighborhood of Jerusalem. Instead, on Friday morning a notice was put up that he could not find the strength to speak, as a result of the tragedy.

    M. Hillson

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