As Pure as the Driven Snow

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5 Responses

  1. cvmay says:

    Thank you, Rav Feldman. Your writings enter the heart and penetrate the soul, you continue to inspire and instruct from sunrise to sunset. THANKS!!

  2. Ari says:

    A good meditation on the notion of purity. Seems to me that snow also tends to hide flaws, whereas a pure soul is an honest soul — that is, will admit to moral shortcomings, and attempt to repair them.

  3. Garnel Ironheart says:

    > Before going to sleep we glance out the window for one last look at the darkened snow. Perhaps it will snow again overnight; perhaps in the morning we will once again be greeted by another blanket of purity and pristine whiteness

    You clearly do not have a driveway to shovel. That would blow the whole analogy out of the water.

  4. Joseph says:


    There isn’t enough blood in this article to generate the usual commentary from the web community of pundits.

  5. tzippi says:

    I beg the indulgence of the moderators to include this comment: Thank you, Rabbi Feldman and may Hashem grant you and your loved ones good health and nachas, and many, many more productive years.

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