Stupid, Yes, But is it Anti-Semitic? Part 1

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7 Responses

  1. Bob Miller says:

    This is not an original thought, but a really good case can be made for identifying the Saudi lobby as the key influence on US foreign policy.

    See, for example:

  2. Ori Pomerantz says:

    Since our enemies seem to be so enamored of conspiracy theories, maybe we should play that game too. How much did Muslim organizations pay Stephen Walt and John Mearsheimer? How much did they contribute to their institutions?

  3. Tal Benschar says:

    The argument presented here, though a strong one, is not absolute. There is no shortage of Jews and other friends of Israel who live outside EY but believe they know best what is good for the State. That the Israeli Govt. thinks otherwise does not seem to deter them from their opinion.

    It is thus entirely possible that members of the “Israeli Lobby” believed, contrary to the view espoused by Israeli Govt. officials, that it was in Israel’s interest to have Iraq, not Iran, dealt with first.

    So you could still have the “Israeli Lobby” pusing America into a war for Israel’s sake — albeit from the opinion of the “Lobby” and not the Israeli Govt. as to what is best for Israel.

  4. Jacob Haller says:

    One example that this paper relies on propagandic manipulation is the claim that otherwise stellar politicians lost their jobs due to dirty machinations of the “Israel Lobby”

    Actually, only one was specifically mentioned as evidence.

    Former Senator Charles Percy (R-IL) was defeated in his 1980 re-election bid, the year of the Reagan-Republican Revolution. Percy himself at the time, as Walt-Mearsheimer do now, bluntly blamed pro-Israel activists for what should have been a fait accompli, at least in their eyes.

    They both conveniently omitted the fact that in 1980 Illinois’ unemployment rate was 19%.

    For the record, much of this information was brought to critical light by the “New York Review of Books” which can hardly be tagged as some neo-con mouthpiece.

  5. Michael Atlas says:

    We already know the Jews run the world…!!!!

  6. Bob Miller says:

    This comment may be more on the topic of the Jonathan Rosenblum’s Part 2, but, anyway:

    One might expect a provable accusation of deep enmity toward an ethnic or religious group to carry some weight in today’s politically correct Western society, but, as we know, bias against Jews, Judaism and Israel is rather popular among many of the PC-est people. These same people readily excuse or even support antisocial/illegal/violent actions of other ethnic and religious groups around the world. In this climate, I don’t know how much good it would do for us to prove someone to be an antisemite.

  7. Laney Bormel says:

    A larger concern is that the American Jewish community has no media savy spokesmen who can mount a surgical attack to enumerate the fallacies in the Walt/Mearsheimer thesis. We know the truth, but left unchallenged in the drive-by media, we allow ourselves to be painted as tools of a foreign government, Israel, willing to sarifice America to the Jewish state’s regional concerns.

    Whether Walt/Mersheimer are anti-Semitic or not is irrelevant to the truth. They probably are, but what matters most is not their personal biases, but the shallowness of their argument. Without a campaign on our side to discredit their unscholarly work, we allow their propaganda to go unchallenged.

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