A visit to Sochaczew

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  1. Nachum Lamm says:

    My roommate in college (YU) was, in fact, one of the last four Jews (along with his parents and sister) of Sochaczew. The Rebbe and his Chassidim used to stay at their house when visiting the town; I used to jokingly refer to him as the “real” rebbe of Sochaczew.

  2. Michoel says:

    Wow. Thank your for posting this. Rabbi Belovski, I have read some of your work and I was very impressed. I am also extremely attached to the Shem Mishmuel and our youngest son is also named for him. I belive that it says in the hakdama to Neos Hadesheh that they Shem Mishmuel was only in Sochachov until WWI, a few years aftr he became Rebbi upon the Avnei Nezer’s petira and if memory serves, he indicates that the Beis Hamedrah and most of the kehilla was destroyed then, well before WWII. The link you posted seems to confrim that as well. If you would like any assitance in your research project, I would be honored.

  3. Shmuel says:

    This may help shed light.

    According to Volume 3 of the “Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust” (an excellent work by Yad Vashem and NYU Press, 2001), the World War One uprooting of Sochachow’s Jewish community was only temporary.

    Half the Jews returned when the conquering German army (World War ONE) took control of the city. Thereafter, the community continued to grow until its numbers reached over 3,000 in 1931. The rest of this holy community’s history follows the catastrophe of Polish Jewry, with the remaining Sochachow Jews being deported, first to the Warsaw Ghetto and from there to the death camp, presumably Treblinka. (See page 1209 in the encyclopedia.)

  4. Shmuel says:

    I inadvertently left out my thanks Rabbi Belovski for a most interesting and moving piece.

  5. Harvey Belovski says:

    I have found more information about the rediscovery of the graves of the Rebbes in Sochaczew.

    Please look here for the article. http://belogski.blogspot.com/2007/10/more-about-graves-in-sochaczew.html

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