The Shofar of Elul

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2 Responses

  1. dr. william gewirtz says:

    Shir haShirim (5:3) – shana tova

  2. Shira Schmidt says:

    I also wrote on Ellul preparation, in the Jerusalem Post Friday Magazine (24 bEllul; 7 Sept) but from a somewhat piquant angle. Titled “Having a Blast on the Beach” the article described one of our lifeguards on the separate (men/women) swimming beach in Kiryat Sanz, Netanya. Having come back to a traditional lifestyle, he faced the question of which approach to teshuva to follow – repudiation (of his love of the beach) or sublimation (into pikuah nefesh). Both teshuva approaches have a talmudic basis. His rabbis advised him to take the latter course, and he now blows shofar every morning in Ellul for the people on the beach – during his morning lifeguarding break. You can see a photo I took of him and read my discussion of repudiation versus sublimation as ways to teshuva at

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