The Reincarnation of Father Coughlin

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9 Responses

  1. Ahron says:

    One section of this piece sticks out forcefully:

    “The Pope recently demonstrated his commitment to combat antisemitism by calling an international bishop’s meeting next year to deal with the issue. Getting rid of the rot from within would seem to be a good place to start.”

    How different is the modern Catholic Church’s approach to hatred-run-amok within from the approach of modern Islam. Whereas most Muslim leaders with a voice blame Jews and everybody else for the Jew-hatred (and more general xenophobia) that runs rampant through modern Muslim societies, the Catholic leadership is addressing the issue by starting with a mirror.

    Changes have occurred in the Christian world over the last 60 years; and in general those Jews who refuse to acknowledge it don’t look too sharp.

  2. mb says:

    Rabbi Adlerstein,

    Does the return of the Tridentine Mass bother you?

  3. Aaron says:

    mb: Given the choice between a resurgent Catholic church in Europe or Eurabia… I’ll take the former. May we live to see a modern gilgul of Charles Martel speedily and in our day!

  4. Yitzchok Adlerstein says:

    Yes, very much so. Haven’t decided if and where I will write about it. I would much rather write about Torah!

  5. Ori Pomerantz says:

    What is the issue with the Tridentine Mass? Is it the prayer that we’d become Catholics?

    On a related note, should Catholics be offended by the “Alenu” prayer in which we ask G-d to stop all forms of idolatry? Catholics believe that a communion wafer holds the “body and soul, form and divinity” of G-d. Unless I’m wrong, saying that a physical object is G-d is the Jewish definition of idolatry (Catholics reading this, please don’t be offended – I’m sure we commit similar offenses against your canon law, and both of us violate Islamic shari’a). Doesn’t that mean that we pray for Catholics to stop practicing their religion?

    Until G-d sees fit to bring Mashiach and make clear to everybody what is the one true religion, we can either respect each other’s beliefs (at the level of “you’re wrong, but it’s your choice – here’s hoping G-d will show you the light”) or have religious wars and oppression. Trying to tell Catholics how to conduct their masses doesn’t strike me as a sign of respect.

  6. Ahron says:

    I suspected of course that the Tridentine Mass question would come up. As a general query: on what grounds should we expect the right or ability to influence the liturgy of other religions?

  7. TobyKatz says:

    The return of the Tridentine Mass is unequivocally a Good Thing, in that the liberalization and splintering of the Church is NOT a good thing.

    So it calls for the conversion of the Jews. So what? The Catholics consider the Jews the most important people in the world. So do the Evangelicals. Take it as a compliment.

    Remember that the “liberals” in the Church are the ones who don’t want to convert the Jews — but “only” want to wipe Israel off the map.

  8. Adoremus says:

    Ori- no apology required. I am a Catholic. But if what we believe is false, then what we do is fairly characterized as idolatry from your perspective. My own subjective culpability would be another matter (just how much punishment I might receive). Naturally, I believe we have the fullness of truth. But I realize there is a lot at “stake”.

    Apparently, the Good Friday prayer of the 1962 Missal would never be said in a regularly scheduled public 1962 Mass, because Good Friday (and the entire Triduum) can only be publically celebrated using the “new mass”. Not sure on that but checking. Actually, I don’t think the Good Friday service is technically a “mass” but that is another topic and n/a.

  9. Tal Benschar says:

    Aleinu? How about “Ve La Malshinim Al Tehi Tikva . . .”

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