Newton on Kodshim, or 53 Shopping Years Left Until Apocalypse

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6 Responses

  1. Koby says:

    In the course of his writings, Newton rejects the classical notion of the Christian trinity in favor of the more Judaic view of the One and Only G-d the Father. He nevertheless firmly asserts that Christ is the begotten son of G-d.

  2. ariel says:

    Issac Newton discovered the unity in science and rejected the christian idea of a trinity. The laws of the universe had an order, unity and comprehensibility that pointed to the One G-d of the Jews.

    He made the following predictions [Link:
    1638-9 Church of Rome’s spiritual domination ends.
    1899 Call to return to Jerusalem. (the first Zionist conference was in 1897 so if that’s what he meant he was off)
    1944 End of the great tribulation of the Jews. (translating from hebrew year to english may have thrown off the # by 1.)
    1948 second coming of his messiah. (so Newton also believed it was the “atchalta d’geulah”! i guess some of his christian views may have affected this prediction. interestingly, the Jews coming back to their land went against catholic belief)

  3. Binyamin says:

    The book Religion of Technology documents the close connection between science and faith. There is a lecture from the author here, which discusses the belief of Newton and many other scientists that their work was an essential part of their religion.

  4. HILLEL says:

    The truly great men of science understand its limitations.

  5. moshe kuhr says:

    Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Yitzchak Newton al Hatorah?

  6. Ori Pomerantz says:

    I agree with Hillel. For centuries (at least since Plato), the philosophers who were the procursors of modern scientists tried to build a grand unified theory of everything. On the whole, they failed.

    Modern science got started when people like Galileo and Newton stopped looking for a grand design and started looking at the phenomena that they could describe mathematically.

    It’s sad that later in life Newton abandoned that approach – think where we would have been today had he continued to work on Physics.

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