Remembering May 1967

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6 Responses

  1. One Christian's perspective says:

    “So while Jews continue to remember May 1967, the rest of the world sees only the results of June 1967.” Jonathan Rosenblum from Jerusalem Post

    I think that is a true statement for many but I am reminded that Christians have been watching Israel since 1948…….but, perhaps not with the same eyes as a Jewish person and the terrible Holocaust not far behind in their memory.

    To get back to your closing statement, I remembered Moses’ words describing the first Passover and the events leading up to the exodus. Mussing, if I were there, would I remember the past 400 years of being in the furnace of affliction or the deliverance from it ? I don’t know, but I think my focus would change as my faith ebbed and waned.

    I think G-d wants us to hold onto His promises at all times and stand firm in the faith. Isaiah said “if you don’t stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all”. I think when we turn away from G-d, our legs begin to get shakey – at least, mine do – and as we turn, our perception and hopes change.

    Yesterday, a friend and I were discussing the situation of Iran’s leader and his rhetoric of hatred. She feared for Israel. In mussing, I remembered that Iran recently experienced a rarity in their lands – a typhoon named Gonu. I asked my friend, “doesn’t that name sound very yiddish to you ?”. See, G-d hasn’t forgotten His Chosen people.

  2. Bob Miller says:

    Our historical mission has been to shock the world.

  3. rejewvenator says:

    Today is not May of 1967. For all the rhetoric, Israel does not face an existential threat today, not from Iran, and certainly not from the Palestinians. While the possibility of a nuclear-armed Iran is scary, nobody is digging graves in Tel-Aviv today.

    We need to stop being slaves to our fears. We are a powerful state bothe economically and militarily. Our greatest enemies, Egypt and Jordan, have been subdued, and won over. Our enemies today shoot low-tech rockets with such poor accuracy that they usually miss the city that they are aimed at. We need to recalibrate our threat detectors and acknowledge that we are no longer in mortal danger and we need to control our fear.

  4. irhakodesh, Sima says:

    Excellent article. Hope that many will have the opportunity to read and learn the facts & maybe remake the theory.

  5. Steve Brizel says:

    Rejewenator-try spending some time in Sderot. Perhaps, if you lived there or on the Lebanese border and your government had failed to root the cause of the attacks, your view would be less sanguine.

  6. Garnel Ironheart says:

    To Rejewvenator,

    Israel is not mighty economically. It’s a one trick pony that will collapse if high tech undergoes another recession like the one it went through only 7 years ago.

    Israel is not mighty militarily. Our enemies shoot low-tech rockets that have already killed several people and caused entire cities (eg. Sderot) to stop functioning normally, and the Tzahal has been unable to stop them.

    Egypt today has more troops and firepower in the Sinai alone than the entire Arab world possessed in 1967. Jordan is already working to undercut Israel at every international forum by floating the idea that they should get the West Bank back free of charge, or they won’t be responsible for the consequences.

    Iran moves closer to a nuclear bomb and although it’s unlikely they’ll actually ever use one, just the threat of it will change the balance of power.

    The most pro-Israel US administration since Reagan has also turned out to be so incompetent and corrupt that even Rupublicans are quietly admitting Clinton was a better leader. The next administration will not be nearly as friendly.

    We need to pray that Hashem completes our redemption soon by transforming the first flowering into the final emanation.

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