The Winograd Commission drops a bomb

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10 Responses

  1. Joe Fisher says:

    Hmmmm, that’s kind of funny.

    All through the war itself Jonathan Rosenblum was telling us to thank George Bush for so strongly supporting Israel’s offensive. Go read it.

    But 8 months after the war flops, Rosenblum suddenly turns around and blames Israel for failing in “the development of an adequate missile defense system against short-range missiles.” That’s what I call genuine pie-in-the-sky.

    No excuses, Jonathan. You and the other hard-right dreamers who pushed Israel into an intervention far beyond her abilities got a lot of fine people killed. Don’t do it again.

  2. Bob Miller says:

    OK, Joe Fisher, what was your own plan for Israel’s defense?

  3. Yehoshua Friedman says:

    George Bush is not hard-right. He is hard-military-industrial-complex, like several generations of Bushes before him. He fooled the Christian and Jewish right for a while, but by now the masks are off, or should be. From Israel’s point of view, no matter which Republicrat is elected, the same anti-Semitic jailers of Pollard and sabateurs of Israel will run the State Dept. and the intel community. When the Yidden do teshuva, Hashem will give us something else.

  4. Joe Fisher says:

    Uh, gee, Bob, maybe it really was smart of us to let Hezbollah keep flipping Merkavah tanks like jacks. High or low tech.

    Come on.

    The way out of the hole you’re in is step one admit you’re in a hole, step two examine all the options, and so on.

    That’ll never happen today. The hard right, and both Israeli and Palestinian leaders are nearly identically hard right, can still hold on to power by beating the twin drums of fear and gayva. That’s how its going to stay until the voters realize they are being fooled.

  5. dovid says:

    Joe Fisher,

    The Merkava tanks destroyed in Lebanon were not remote-controlled toys one buys in WalMart. They were manned by Jews who are no longer with us. They were better than you and I combined.

  6. YM says:

    R’ Rosenblum,

    With all due respect, what was the point of this article?

  7. Ori Pomerantz says:

    Joe Fisher, may I reiterate Bob Miller’s point? Assume for the moment that the Palestinians are not going to change rulers (a likely assumption, since I doubt the Hamas will allow free elections if they thought they’d lose). How would you suggest Israel protect itself?

  8. Bob Miller says:

    OK, Joe Fisher, what was your own plan for Israel’s defense?

  9. YM says:

    While the tactics of the war were certainly unsuccessful, I think the war did achive some tangible benefits for Israel. The decision to go to war was probably the best decision Olmert ever made.

  10. YM says:

    To quote Saul Singer in the JP: “If winning is defined as favorably altering the status quo, Israel won. Yet we lost in terms of how we mistakenly defined victory – Hizbullah’s total destruction – and this diminished our actual success.”

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