The Green-Eyed Monster

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2 Responses

  1. barry says:

    It has been noted elsewhere that the Torah does not proscribe us from wanting to [earn enough money] to BUY the Mercedes in the dealer’s window.
    What IS forbidden is being envious of the one we see in our neighbor’s driveway.

  2. Binyamin says:

    I would add to barry’s comment that there is a further distinction (as I understand it) between “coveting”? [chemda] and jealousy [kin’a]. It is forbidden to desire to have the very item which belongs to someone else. [Lo Tachmod] If one is jealous of a neighbor, but does not actually desire to own their posession, then that is a moral failing [the mida of kin’a], but he is not violating a specific mitzva.

    (If someone feels motivated to buy something because he saw it by his neighbors, he does not fall into either category.)

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