Halting El Al on Shabbos: Menachem Begin

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8 Responses

  1. David Linn says:

    Although I don’t think that the situation in the early 80s is wholly analogous to the current one, how I wish we had a Menachem Begin with us now.

  2. Bob Miller says:

    While Menachem Begin as PM was head and shoulders above the others, our real hope, that we express in our daily prayers, goes well beyond an optimized secular state.


    I am real sad that here in the state of the Jewish people we need to compremise on SHABBAT, WHICH IS WHAT HELD JUDAISM TOGETHER ….
    Now the they are people around the world who denie the Holucust and believe that it never happened , which is why we have this state if not for the Holocust and for being a Jewish state.
    The least we can do is keep Shabbat Holy in our holy Land and the secular Jewish should let it be ….
    El Al should never fly on Shabbat!

  4. Rabbi Milton H. Polin says:

    Although Menachem Begin put on Tefillin daily, he never identified himself as a “religious” Jew. He did have Jewish self-respect and a sense of Jewish history. How we need those traits of character in our current leaders!

  5. Jeffrey S. Ben-Zvi, MD says:

    As Menahem Begin A”H knew very well… this issue speaks to the very purpose of reborn Israel: Is it to be a Jewish Democracy or a democracy whose population is, for the time being, a majority of people who identify themselves as Jews, but, aside from a nostalgic cultural link to the Jewish heritage do not to hold its values in any extra special esteem.

    I daresay that if the answer is the latter, we might just as easily have accepted our safe haven from Great Britain in Madagascar, where we would not have to continue to serve as a tiny speck of irritant dust in the Arab World’s collective conjunctivae, putting our young people at risk with IDF service, and our population at large at risk from hostile neighbors. To take the thought even further… now that we are in the 21st century, we can finally dispose of our essential differences with the majority of the world, assimilate individually and/or collectively, and no longer require any sort of homeland or refuge!

    Those of us who believe that the core values of Judaism, from which Shabbat cannot be de-linked, are worthy of perpetuation, naturally understand the need for our separate identity and and our need for a state in our ancient homeland. Those who would deny Shabbat and thus Torah, delegitimize the very existence of Medinat Yisrael.

  6. Kalman Neuman says:

    Stop with the hypocricy!!! El Al is not a “shomer shabbos” company!!
    All the maitenance on the aircraft is done on shabbos by Jewish workers. The other planes are “leased” to an el al subsidiary sun d’or which flies on shabbas/

    It is very nice and symbolic that a PRIVATELY OWNED AIRLINE which has an israeli flag on its tail does not fly on shabbos. But is it really preferable to fly air france and support friends of the jewish people rather then fly el al even if in certain situations (not supported by halacha) they flew on shabbat!

    By the way, how many of the sanctimonious people will be wiling to pay 10% more for a ticket of a shomer shabbos company. How come so many frum Jews fly KLM, Tower, turkish, cyprus, czech airlines etc. any way they can get a cheaper ticket and then they preach about how elal should not fly on shabbat.

    By the way, did any of these holy people make sure that they do not own stock in companies that are not shomer shabbos or are such questions not subject to da’as torah…

  7. Menasche Scharf says:

    In reply to the collective accusation of the ultra-religious public, let me explain a few points raised. First of all, by generalising the issues one reveals the true reasons behind an antagonistic stance. One must remember that the number of tickets sold to this client group reaches about 2 million per annum. Out of these, there are customers from low-income backgrounds, who will look for better prices regardless of who is supplying the flight. Converely, when these low earners will want to buy the four species for the festival of tabernacles, they will go to greart lenghts in exerting themselves – and their already stretcehd budgets – to procure the best of the best to be had. This goes to show the value system prevalent in the Charedi public: it’s not what you buy – it’s the purpose you buy it for that matters. One can fly with any airline, however when it comes to upholding values dear to them, they will outdo themselves and rightly so. The hypocricy mentioned reveals another side of the accuser: one has to read and understand Menachem Begin’s speech before commenting… And lastly, YES! when making financial transcations – even mundane ones like buying stocks and shares, the pious Jew will always consult his Halachic mentor as to the easability – financially and Halchalically – of the investment at hand.
    Just immerse yourelf in the Torah way of life for once and you’ll emerge with much-needed schooling that is lacking – as is evident from the tirade posted.

  8. SM says:

    Why does anyone support the state being able to interfere in private companies on religious grounds? Anyone got a pension plan with a non-Jewish company? Or a Jewish company using non-Jewish brokers? Or lawyers?
    If the orthodox community wishes to boycott El-Al that is a moral question which Kalman Neuman deals with above. But it is also a political question because, if it does not work, every Israeli will understand that the orthodox lobby is either not united enough or not big enough to make a substantial difference.
    You shouldn’t pick a fight unless you’re sure you can win it. This seems to be one to draw a depp breath about – and then do nothing.

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