Hypocrisy Watch

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3 Responses

  1. Yisrael Moshe says:

    “INDEED THE HISTORY OF THE JEWISH AGENCY and the State of Israel is that of one concerted effort to destroy the Yiddishkeit of children from Torah homes.”

    When the issue of trusting the Israeli Government institutions with regards to religious matters occur, (even in the year 2006), we must never forget what there true intensions are.

    HILLEL, my friend, I await your comments on this matter.

  2. YM says:

    I received in the mail on Monday an unsolicited, inter-demonational Jewish newspaper called something like the Jewish World Report; I have been receiving it probably every month for the last six months or so. About 1/2 the articles were about anti-semitism and the tsuris of the Israel/Arab conflict, and the other 1/2 were about things like programming that is being offered at various synagogues and temples to attract particpants and gonzo judaism, things that I consider a bizayon (an embarrasment).

    I wonder how many of the people reading that newspaper thought that there was a connection between the topics of the two halves?

  3. Ahron says:

    Wouldn’t it be more educational to publish this article in a mainstream outlet like the JPost, or even Jewish Action, instead of basically preaching to the choir in the Yated Ne’eman?

    Furthermore, the term “hypocrisy” really does not apply here as MK Oron isn’t criticizing others for opposing religion. Rather he is openly working to implement his party’s agenda. And Mr. Rosenblum’s citations indicate that MK Oron’s agenda has been that of many other members of Israeli officialdom. No hypocrisy there–just pursuit of interests.

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