Can Jews Be Antisemites?

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4 Responses

  1. Ahron says:

    In the Leftist catechism there is no more virtuous act than opposition to one’s own people and the subversion of their values and interests (particularly if those people are Jewish or Christian). According to that standard both Brooks and HRW’s director Ken Roth are saints.

    What’s notable is that Brooks & Co. hope to simultaneously evade the natural consequences that result from attacking the Jewish state–namely being criticized by Jews! And so, after opening fire, Roth’s Jewish blood lineage is rapidly invoked as a shield and as a kind of “explanation” as to why he couldn’t possibly be an antisemite (oh heavens no…); in reality that is nothing but a flashy non sequitur–why does Roth’s blood lineage impact on the moral worth of his opinions and actions?

    In fact Brooks’s entire logic is a non sequitur. HRW criticizes Jews. Jews (and other moral thinkers) return criticism against HRW. Brooks then cries the intellectual equivalent of “rape!” because the targets of HRW’s attacks dared to respond to their attackers. It is beyond non sequitur–it is intellectual travesty. (And it should be noted that if HRW attacked Cambodia in the same manner in which it attacks Israel, HRW would also be justly accused of anti-Cambodianism.)

    If I understand it correctly the Sages realized almost 2,000 years ago that the problem of “moserim“–Jews who intentionally pursue an anti-Jewish agenda–would be a serious and defining problem of diaspora. Hence the interpolated bracha of “ve’l’malshinim…” into our prayers. As that bracha notes, the existence of such an agenda is not unrelated to the wider problem of human evil.

    In this case I think Roth’s and Brooks’s willful (or should we call it simply ‘functional’) antisemitism is irreducibly combined with profound moral blindness–that is at least one pestilence whose heavy affliction of Brooks & Co. seems beyond dispute.

  2. Menachem Petrushka says:

    Daer Rabbi Menken

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  3. eliXelx says:

    Isn’t September 2006 a little late in the day to be asking such an ingenuous question?
    Isn’t it demonstrative of a monstrous ignorance of history on the part of a jew to ask such an obvious question?
    Personally I think we should stop calling people anti-semites and call them what they really are—JEW-HATERS!
    And let’s not forget those who call themselves anti-Zionist who are also are JEW-HATERS!
    I refer you to the Jewish Encyclopaedia and the word “MALSIN”

  1. September 5, 2006

    […] Yesterday, I posted on Jewish anti-Semitism This week’s parshah happens to be an important locus to consider regarding a different question about anti-Semitism, namely, how widespread must we assume it to be? I can easily point to people who believe that it is somehow universal. They divide the non-Jewish world into two categories – those who are openly anti-Semitic, and those who don’t realize they are. […]

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