Qana: What Happened for Eight Hours?

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7 Responses

  1. AT says:

    Why not just go in and flatten any area that Hezbullah is operating from? It won\’t make a PR difference whatever Israel does. Damned if you try to fight surgically and damned if you don\’t. Certainly decreases your odds of total victory trying to fight with one hand tied behind your back. It certainly would end the war faster with less Israeli soldier casualties. Anything less
    than total victory by Israel will be viewed as a victory for Hezbullah. I fear, the window of opportunity to destroy Hezbullah
    is closing.

  2. Steve Brizel says:

    As long as Hezbellah uses the civilians and the UN as protection, the IDF should see them as aiding Hezbbollah. We tend to forget that in WW2 that we bombed German and Japanese cities that also had large civilian populations and that we assassinated Admiral Yammamato-the architecht of Pearl Harbor. We also forget that the Union won the Civil War only after Sherman and Sheridan turned Georgia and the Shenandoah Valley devoid of any possible support for the Comfederate war effort. We should remember that war is hell and not the practical implementationn of a seminar in international law .

  3. Mordechai Y. Scher says:

    Mabat on Reshet Bet showed real-time airborne video (shown at a news briefing by the IDF) of Katyushas being launched from Kafr Kana (Qana). Quality is excellent; you can see and count the launches. The trucks then drove a short distance and parked under buildings in the village. You can also see an IAF fighter jet coming in while the missiles are being fired, to target the launchers.

    Hizbullah announced there had been no missiles in the village, and all was an evil, intentional act on the IAF’s part. Anyone want to bet if the mainstream media will show the publicly available video revealing the truth of the aerial operations at Kafr Kana?

  4. Ori Pomerantz says:

    If you aren’t in Israel and you want to see the video (in Hebrew), see .

  5. Bob Miller says:

    Let’s observe carefully to see what “atzmaut” now consists of as applied by the present PM.

  6. Brother Bob says:

    “the responsibility for the death of these civilians lies entirely at the feet of the Hizbullah”

    I think that Israel should have some responsibility for their deaths.

  7. Richard S. Davis says:

    Alan Dershowitz has a brilliant piece titled “The Arithmetic of Pain” about the use of civilian shields. The essential point is that when the media, humanitarian groups and the UN condemn Israel for civilian casualties “this chorus of condemnation actually encourages the terrorists to operate from civilian areas”. It is important to chide all these organizations to exhibit responsibility in order to minimize future civilian casualties by removing the propaganda advantage of civilian shields. I have sent numerous letters to editors of papers stressing how abhorrent civilian casualties are, and that irresponsible reporting (which ignores the deliberate use of civilian shields)will lead to future civilian casualties- and that they will share in the blame. I have gotten some serious and thoughtful replies. It only takes a few minutes to compose a basic letter, which can then be modified and sent in response to many different news stories. The wheel that squeaks the most gets the most oil- the more who write to editors, UN personnel, etc, the more effective.

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