Can we send a blogger to Israel?

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  1. Steve Brizel says:

    A blogger assigned to or enbedded with the IDF, subjected to complete military censorship and a complete clampdown on the Western media would be a substantial improvement,especially over the Western liberal media such as the NY Times , the W Post,the Guardian, BBC and their Israeli “useful idiot” known as Haaretz. Then , the IDf could do to Hizballastan what Sherman and Sheridan did to Georgia and the Shenandoah Valley-render it incapable of supporting Hezbollah. We need to remember as General Sherman stated that war is indeed hell . Moreover, as George Will stated, if the Civil War was fought with today’s media, the US would still be divided between free, border and slave states.

  1. July 21, 2006

    The project genesis prayer campaign…

    Rabbi Yaakov Menken of Project Genesis and Cross-Currents asked me put up this link to Project Genesis learning and praying initiatives for the merit of Jews around the world, especially at this time of trouble in Israel. Click on the picture below and…

  2. July 21, 2006

    Bloggers Praying for Israel…

    The blog prayer campaign is just underway, and a friendly nod to those who have already signed up and referred people to sign up:

    Elie’s Expositions
    Frum Actress
    Krum as a Bagel

    Find out more here.

  3. July 23, 2006

    […] You’ll notice I’ve tossed up an image at the bottom of my sidebar publicizing the “Pray for Israel” campaign that Cross-Currents. This may surprise some of you, given that I’m neither a vocal Zionist, nor do I speak about the power of prayer too often. Nevertheless, I feel that, for those of you who believe in it, praying for Israel would be absolutely wonderful. Prayer alone isn’t a solution, but perhaps G-d will hear it, and help push through a solution. […]

  4. August 4, 2006

    […] Find out more here. August 04th, 2006 | Category: Uncategorized | […]

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