The Vote Against Divestment: Three Reasons to Cheer

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4 Responses

  1. will spotts says:

    I would offer a fourth reason to cheer: the subsequent action of this GA identifying suicide bombing and terrorism as crimes against humanity takes a lot of the “credibility” out of the spin of certain Presbyterian officials.

  2. Brother Bob says:

    Richard Cizik, of the National Association of Evenglicals (NAE) likes to point out that most members of mainline denominations are much more Orthodox than their leadership. Many, of not most, mainline baal habatim are basically Orthodox in their Christian belief. It is the leadership that have issues with their faith.

  3. Nachum Lamm says:

    It should also be pointed out that at least some of those who voted against did so because they felt this didn’t reverse things in favor of Israel enough.

  4. Kirk Epstein says:

    Rabbi Adlerstein, I enjoyed meeting you in Birmingham. I am leaving my email and so you can add me to your contacts. I hope you can come again to Birmingham, just to visit. I appreciate the accuracy of your article. I felt positive about the outcome of the Presbyterian Divestment vote after personally meeting many of the attendees of the convention. I think you and your colleagues did a wonderful job representing the pro-Israel “Jewish Position”. Yofie! Hurray!

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