A.B Yehoshua and Israeliut

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  1. yehoshua halevi says:

    one of the important questions here is how to properly, and quickly, educate israelis, and jews around the world as to the truth of our existence….the arrogant ignorance of a.b., olmert et al has no right to endanger the rest of us; and certainly no right to go against the ribbono shel olam’s directive for am yisrael and eretz yisrael.

    one would think that the imperative rests with conscious jews wherever they are to very actively take the role of educators. if we don’t do it, who will? otherwise we’ll continue to see the kind of blindness that allows american jews to fall all over themselves to raise money for darfur (still a worthy cause) and who know what else, while allowing the precious jews of gush katif continue to suffer.

    perhaps crosscurrents can serve as a meeting place/catalyst to specifically reach out educationally to all jews who don’t really understand our history, our task and our vision…given to us and sustained by the Life of all life(tanya).

    there is no excuse for the jewish people who truly know the history, the torah and the spirit of the vision to refrain from boldly stepping into educational positions. with all the creative energy and enthusiasm in the observant and pro-zionist communities there must be many many ways to address this and effectively respond.

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