Between Jews and Moslems

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4 Responses

  1. Ori Pomerantz says:

    Well said. I know Muslims who view things differently, but unfortunately they are silent. It is the loud ones that everybody hears.

    think of Shulamit Aloni’s characterization of Yehoshua as a book of genocide

    Is it wrong to say that? Yehoshua 6:21 ” כא ויחרימו, את-כל-אשר בעיר, מאיש ועד-אשה, מנער ועד-זקן; ועד שור ושה וחמור, לפי-חרב.” – isn’t this genocide?

  2. HILLEL says:

    Mr. Rosenblum:

    I don’t agree with your analysis.

    The reason we don’t react more vigorously with direct action when we are affronted is that we are a small vulnerable minority and we, ourselves often lack sufficient zeal and commitment to our religion.

    Witness the weak and failed response of our Orthodox community in Israel to the planned desecration of Jerusalem by Homo/Lesbians from all over the world this past summer.

    Mayor Lupolianski went through the motions of objecting to the parade, but there was no vigorous protest as there was to the Gaza “Disengagement.” It was all perfunctory and routine.

    The Muslim “cartoon” worldwide protests have succeeded in stopping many editors from publishing any further derogatory cartoons. Many publications have put into place self-censorship rules in this area.

    So, we failed to defend the Kedusha, holiness, of our holiest city, while the Muslims succeeded in defending the honor of their founder.

  3. Harry Maryles says:

    I’m glad they are showing the true face of Islam this way. Islam is a primitive religion that values life about as much as their idol worshipping, child sacrificing ancestors did. It is time to stop tiptoeing around it. Saying that Islam is a religion of peace that was hi-jacked by radical terrorists is just not true. Islamism is just the military arm of Islam. Zarqowi, Bin Ladin, Hamas, Hezbolah, Islamic Jihad, the cutthroat insurgents in Iraq, the murderers of Daniel Pearl in Pakistan, The Islamist regime in Iran, and all those Muslim fanatics violently protesting all over the world, the Mullas preaching and teaching children how to blow themselves up for “the cause”… It’s endless and it all adds up to one thing. Islam has declared Jihad…war on the world and nothing will stop them… short of victory. They need to have a crushing military defeat at the hands of the US. Iran needs to go down in flames. Once they see that they are in danger of annihilation, they might crawl back into their complacent holes where they belong.

  4. Charles B. Hall, PhD says:

    There ARE Muslim leaders who value democratic tolerance. See for example But we’ve been financing his
    ideological opponents by buying so much oil from the middle east.

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