Memo to God: Stay Out of Our Affairs

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3 Responses

  1. Bob Miller says:

    You wrote “…but does that justify Israel’s angry response to cut off its agreement with him to help build a Christian center in the Galil?”

    What justified the prior Israeli government cooperation with the project planning to build the Christian center in the Galil?

  2. Seth Gordon says:

    The Israeli government has been dealing with Christian evangelists for years. Government officials are surely aware by now that these evangelists are motivated by the belief “that God plays a role in the affairs of the Land of Israel”.

    There are many Christian religious leaders who believe that the Israeli government has sinned (by being too generous in giving land to the Palestinians, or by not being generous enough, depending on which Christian you ask). However, most of these leaders are not asking that same government to give them millions of dollars worth of land for a theme park.

    If the government had issued “a statement objecting to the inappropriate behavior of the good reverend”, and gone on with the deal, they would have effectively announced to the world “we need cooperation from Christian evangelists so badly that we are willing to give real estate to an evangelist who insults our prime minister”. The government ministers clearly believe that Israel needs cooperation that badly from the Palestinians; Israel might or might not need cooperation that badly from the European Union. But Pat Robertson can safely be put in his place.

  3. Steve Brizel says:

    I concur with Seth Gordon. Obviously, Pat Robertson’s latest exercise in theodicy should be viewed
    the disdain of Chazal for those who claimed to engage in prophecy. The Israeli government could
    have easily condemned the message, albeit not the entire support that it receives from the
    evangelicals. This response seemed far too straight out of the Abe Foxman/ADL playbook.

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