The Magic of Marriage and the Super Bowl

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6 Responses

  1. Aaron says:

    carrying your home team –> chosen partner analogy a bit further, your thoughts on the trading deadline? ?

    – ab

  2. Ezzie says:

    Excellent post – though that was a hilarious comment.

  3. Brother Bob says:

    “I found Shea and Giant Stadiums to be wonderful bonding arenas. But aside from serving as a parenting device (and my kids amazingly seem to drop their interest in the box scores once the high school charm of Torah studies kicks in)”

    What about learning with your kids instead? Avos U-Banim instead of spedning time with drunken fans.

    Or better yet playing ball with your kids?

  4. Aaron says:

    why is playing ball better than learning? (you may have seen the way Moshe plays ball? or learns?



  5. Sol Nerk says:

    Very nice post. It made me go up to the attic and dig up all my old baseball cards. While the analogy may hold in one direction (fan –> team) I fear it breaks down in the reverse, where the team and players are all about gelt.

  6. Aaron says:


    Are you saying that being all about the gelt does not apply to the team —> chosen partner analogy?

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