Communal Obligations

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3 Responses

  1. Mordechai says:

    Funny how he bashes the ‘orthodox’, but supports Lubavitch (he was at their recent shluchim gathering – see Are they not considered ‘orthodox’ ?

  2. Yaakov Rosenblatt says:

    The Jewish Federation of Dallas contributes to all Jewish Day Schools, including Torah Day School and a Beis Yaakov High School. To be honest, they give to the Haredi community well more than the Haredi community contributes to its fundraising efforts, because they believe in Jewish education for all.

    Federation fundraising is so important to the lionshare of our people and we separate ourselves from that effort at the expense of their receptivity to the frum message. I think we should be looking for ways to work with Federation.

    A number of members of our community have done just that by establishing foundations through the Federation, which then disburse funds to the yeshivas. Because they are already Federation beneficiaries, Federation can show increased giving and disbursements, and the Yeshivos receive the funds they would have received anyway.

  1. May 15, 2007

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