Nobel Prize Settles Bible Codes Dispute

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3 Responses

  1. Barry Simon says:

    Those who want to know more about the codes can consult Witztum’s site ( or Gans’ post on Aish ( for the “pro” side and McKay’s site ( or mine ( for the “con” side.

    I’d suggest you save this info for now. We all have more important things to do for the next three days!

  2. Micha says:

    I’m quite happy for Dr. Aumann. However, getting a Nobel Prize was a bigger honor before the committee demonstrated the weakness of their ability to choose candidates in 1994. And just as that didn’t prove that the Palestinians were ready for peace, it doesn’t prove anything about codes.

    OTOH, just reading his work shows that the man’s opnion on the subject should be taken very seriously.

  3. Toby Katz says:


    The Peace Prize was always political and never meant anything. That has nothing to do with the value of the prizes in science and economics, which remain as significant as ever and which are not decided on by the mushy-headed lefties of Stockholm but by the greatest minds in their respective fields. Possibly the Literature prizes are suspect, but not science.

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