The Real Cause for Worry

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3 Responses

  1. Sholom Simon says:

    This article seems a bit one-sided.

    To hit on just one example — that of support of John Bolton.

    Let’s look at what happened this week at the UN:

    Officials from U.N. member nations, including the United States, have spent the last six months negotiating a 39-page document outlining badly needed changes in most facets of the organization’s operation. The aim is to have it done by Sept. 14. Besides institutional reforms, the document also is meant as a logical follow-up to the recent Group of Eight industrialized nations summit in Scotland, where Bush and other leaders embraced aggressive action to combat poverty in poor nations.

    The draft is stuffed with massive structural, managerial and programmatic changes that this giant bureaucracy desperately needs. The document also contains other efforts the Bush White House has championed, including promoting democracy worldwide.

    So what does Bolton do with just three weeks before the deadline? He offers *750* proposed amendments to the document — at the last minute to a document that has had US input throughout the process.

    (BTW, one of them is to take out language that urges Security Council members to refrain from blocking action to end genocide. (Good bye Darfur))

    Whether Bolton is good for the US or UN is an open question. To portray that opposition to Bolton is unfounded is a pretty one-sided view.

  2. Nachum Lamm says:

    Maybe if his nomination hadn’t been delayed so long…

    Mr. Kobre, I’d amend:

    “[T]he zealousness of Gerard’s predecessors in safeguarding the “higher principles” (and the imagined penumbras thereof)…”

    to remove the “higher principles.” Liberals care about penumbras, not reality.

  3. Sholom Simon says:

    Mr Lamm,

    If you really think that liberals don’t care about reality, you have a lot to learn about them.

    As for penumbras — that’s exactly what Chazal was talking about when they said that the Beis HaMikdash was destryoed because they didn’t go beyond the letter of the law.

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