Behold Your G-d?

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2 Responses

  1. EV says:

    Acts 4:13 “testifies to an inverse correlation between Jewish education and following Jesus”? Please–if you’re going to proof-text from the Christan Scriptures, then what about Acts 6:7 and 15:5 where there is evidence of priests and Pharisees, that is, educated Jews, embracing the Christian faith?

    I do think that the Christian Scriptures in general present a picture of Christianity having its greatest Jewish success among amei ha’aretz, the common folk of the land, but that assessment comes from looking at the Christian texts as a whole.

    Ironically, proof-texting is one of the main tools used in Christian outreach to Jews. I’m sorry to point out that in the end the argument in favor of the value of Jewish education in resisting missionaries is undercut with proof-text dallying.

  2. Michoel says:

    Many Orthodox commentators have pointed out the direct correlation between “Jewish Education” and maintaining a committed, non-assimilated, non-apostate lifestyle. I’m concerned that presenting the issue this way may confuse things. There are children (many in Chasidic an other insular communities) that certainly get a Jewish education but don’t necessarily excel at all and may go to work at 18 without any real “mature” education. They remain loyal Jews their entire lives. Some of the greatest success stories in recent years have been from yeshiva high schools where traditional learning is de-emphasized in favor of vocational and life skills. It is true that those with a day school education assimilate the least, but it is also true that those with a day school education are the least assimilated to start out with, so one is left with without a clear picture of a real cause and effect relationship. Just as important as education in my opinion, should be a stress on the emotional attachment to a Torah life. We need to make our children feel that being a loyal Jew is the greatest possible joy that a person can have. This is should also be a greater stress in our kiruv efforts.

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