Please Do Not Call

I just spoke with a wonderful man named Rabbi Dovid Vandervelde. He is a real estate manager, and serves as the (unpaid) president of a licensed adoption agency. You may have received an email that originated from him.

Several weeks ago, he sent an email to a woman with an update on current issues. Included in this email was a brief mention that he needed to find a good family to adopt two boys.

Two Jewish boys, brothers aged 7 and 9, are now separated from each other and in foster care. They needed immediate placement in a warm, “frum” home, and the agency was given all of one month to find that suitable home — or they would remain separated and sent to (possibly) non-Jewish homes.

He gave the woman his phone number, and of course his email address. She forwarded the message to a few people. And they forwarded it on. And then it stormed the Jewish Internet.

Over 3000 calls. From all over the world. Most every state of the union. Litvaks, Modern, Young Israel, Lubavitch, Satmar, Bobov, observant Conservative, you name it. And those who couldn’t adopt, offered money, free legal services, and more.

He was so beseiged that he “spun” the story very negatively, to discourage applicants. He said that the children had been “thrown around” the foster care system, and he wanted specifically a couple that included a social worker, psychologist, pediatrician or similar professional experience caring for troubled children.

Despite all of this, they are now sorting through over 100 applicants to help these boys.

“Who is like your nation?” And please, if you get that email, do not call!

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