Unmasking Captain Courageous: A Pre-Purim Memo

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2 Responses

  1. Shira Drissman says:

    I went back and read the Jewish Weekly article that Francine Klagsbrun wrote. How aggrevating and dishonest. Does she truly believe that in the beginning days of Reform back in Germany, that Mendelsohn would have given two hoots what the Orthodox thought if there had been a “dialogue” taking place?! Does she understand that todays Reform is dependent on Orthodox teachers in their afternoon Hebrew schools? If the Orthodox are so against any non-Orthodox, why would we find ANY religious teachers in their schools? Truth be told, and it is quite clear from her article and this memo, that there is an agenda being followed; discredit mainstream Orthodoxy. Every group has what to improve on, as do religious Jews, but to discredit another group while promoting your own is dishonest and exactly the opposite of what her article posits — the idea that all Jews are finally joining together to sing Kumbaya. There is always what to learn from others, we learn that from Torah (not Ms. Klagsbrun), and certainly the mitzvah of loving our fellow Jew ranks right up there. “Ortho-bashing” should hopefully get the opposite effect of what is trying to be achieved; creating division among Jews. I hope that it does bring about honest discussion by religious and non-religious Jews about how we should be treating each other and the future of the Jewish People.

  2. David Brand says:

    Fantastic! Biting! Love it! But, please don’t read the post until you see Francine Klagbun’s article. It reads much better that way.

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