An Innovative Solution to the Intermarriage problem

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2 Responses

  1. Joel Shurkin says:

    And happy Purim to you too.


  2. MP says:

    Rumor has it that SHICR will shortly issue yet another Purim p’saq, this one regarding arba kosos:
    Why wait until chodesh hag’ula to celebrate the arba l’shonos g’ula when you’re fulfilling the parameters of “nichnas yayin” in spades a month earlier? In the spirit of z’risin maqdimin, enjoy that bottle of Baron Herzog before, during, and after your quest to be m’qayaim and m’qabail — heck, be machmir and drink a 5th cup, so long as you maintain some separation between it and the night’s Kiddush in the interests of kavod Shabbos.
    Moreover, having fulfilled mitzvas arba kosos, you may drink not just nonalcoholic grape beverages but even water on lail saider…but l’chat’chila add red food coloring to that water (filtered before erev Pesach, naturally) in order to provide an excuse for laundering on Chol HaMoed (more on laundering in the next SHICR memo) the clothes upon which someone inevitably spilt some kos-based beverage as well as to fulfill DTZaCH, etc. in a visible fashion.

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