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  1. Hanan says:

    With all this talk about successful transfers, I’m just wondering if you can name some that have occured in recent history in democratic countries. ( Whatever you might think of the democracy in Israel is not the point here). Im also a bit sick of the “whining” regarding the fact that Israel is both Jew and Arab while the Palastinian will only be Arab. Did anyone accept anything less? The fact that they are a bunch of anti-semites is, well… fact. I don’t like that as much as you do… in principle. But even if allowed, what Jew would want to live in a “Palastinian” State. Actually I know some Jews who would :). Like it or not, if Israel wants to continue being a democratic country, it has to allow Arabs in politics and other things. Anything less would be unrealistic. I fully agree with Rabbi Reinman, though it makes my blood boil, either give them the land or annex it and give them the vote.

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