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THE FENCE [Cliff May]
The new fences will be chain-link and six feet tall, topped with small spikes to �deter� those who might consider scaling them. Well, we�ll see what the International Court of Justice in The Hague has to say about this!

Oh, wait a minute, sorry. These fences are not being erected along the West Bank to protect Israeli communities from Hamas terrorists, these fences are being erected between the District of Columbia and Prince Georges County in Maryland, and they are meant to stop �criminals� from crossing from the city into the suburbs. The route the fences will block has been used as a �corridor for drug dealing.�

And, off course, drug dealers are committing crimes. Whereas suicide bombers are �how shall I put this �expressing their anger and outrage over grievances? The front page Washington Post story is here.

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  1. David Brand says:

    Thank you so much for posting something besides the over-played Ortho-engage-our-brethren-even-if-they-hate-us threads!!!

    As to your post, I don’t know anything about the proposed fence in DC, but I do know a thing or two about the type of limousine liberals who propose stuff like it. Typical attitude. They cluck-cluck about all of the persecution and discrimination in the world, then conduct their lives as if their ideals are meaningless. Very much like the Hollywood celebs who whine about how too much gasoline use will destroy the environment, then go and drive big, large SUVs and fly their private jets.

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