Jonathan Rosenblum

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  1. David Brand says:

    R’ Jonathan (Yonasan),
    I don’t know why you believe that this issue is so knotty. To me, it’s quite clear. Granted that Halacha prevents us from believing in the “our bodies, our selves” type of approach, but why does that necessitate governmental involement in such affairs? As you have written, the courts have taken on a scary amount of authority, though it’s not as bad in the US as it is in Israel (albiet it’s just different degrees of the same problem). Therefore, our approach should be that it is ALWAYS bad for the government to take on parental powers and it is ALWAYS good for parents to have parental powers. I know that some will argue because of certain circumstances, where the children suffer because of the parents. That’s precisely my point. Governments try to take away freedoms “because of the children”. That’s how it starts. Eventually, freedoms deteriorate until we have children suing their parents for this or that.

    Separately, I would like someone to start a thread regarding other areas where the Orthodox community has advocated on certain issues (even on the advice of Gedolim), but where those that advocacy has resulted in a net loss of freedom. A recent (within the last couple of years)example would be the strong push to have fertility treatments covered by health insurance. I’d love to air that one out!

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