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3 Responses

  1. Gil Student says:

    I apologize for misunderstanding. I never feel obligated to reply to the comments people leave me, although I’ll sometimes pop in to remind readers that I’m can’t keep up with the discussion and that my silence should not imply anthing other than that.

  2. aryeh calvin says:

    “Part of the joy of blogs is the ability to participate. When you take that away, many people will stop enjoying your blog. That’s my thought, at least.” simcha is right. the participation fuels the growth of an issue or story. The author should be feel compeled to respond or its not a blog. thats why you post things. simcha will put up a post at hirhurim and then the issue will be discussed. that is what makes his blog interesting to read.

  3. Vanity says:

    I think you’re ruining an otherwise absolutely *great* idea by removing the comments. I, for one, have little desire to participate in a blog of this fashion. I can read news on my own… Comments and the interaction between commentators and posters and commentators and commentators is what makes blogs interesting (it’s sort of like newsgroups but without the filler).

    The comments promote a sense of community. There’s absolutely no reason that the author of an entry has to feel like they *have to* answer every comment fielded to them…they don’t. The whole idea behind this blog—at least that’s what I thought—was to have a *community* of posters. What you have now is basically a news, Q&A. You post something, people send you questions and you answer.

    Not so interesting or exciting in my opinion. :-/

    Shavua tov; all the best, whatever you decide!

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