Look in a Mirror, Lady

Slack-jawed disbelief — it’s the only possible reaction. Those with rational minds will be amazed by this gem from the President and CEO of Americans for Peace Now.

Peace Now, of course, is the group of left-wing activists that most heartily endorsed the foolishness of the “Peace Plan,” which brought Arafat and his minions back to Israeli territory, and armed them — leading Israel straight into another war. Now that we all know that Arafat remained the brutal terrorist that he always was, and simply used negotiation as a tool to garner as much territory as possible from which to launch his next round of violence, we’re treated to a blame assessment from Peace Now.

If you expected a frank admission of their responsibility, leading with their delusion about a non-existent “Peace Process” which led directly to war, to nearly 1000 Jewish lives lost and counting — you’d be mistaken. Oh no, they say. We’ve found the real villian here: “Israeli and Palestinian leaders,” listing the Israelis first, and George Bush! Because, she says, the “Peace Process” yet lives, and Bush is to blame for not moving it forward.

“Israeli and Palestinian leaders bear most of the responsibility for this carnage. But Mr. Bush also shares some of the blame for failing to more actively pursue an end to the fighting.”

It’s simply beyond belief. What Bush did was tell the Israelis that they should fight terrorism, until such time as the Palestinians managed to come up with new leaders “not compromised by terrorism.” And lo and behold, it was Sharon’s efforts to do just that — rather than pursuing more futile “negotiations” with a bloodthirsty murderer — that caused the casualty rates to drop.

Her outlook is so uniquely divorced from reality that it’s almost funny. Only almost, of course, because there were nearly 1000 murders resulting from her delusion, and Marwan Barghouti, now in jail for five homicides, may well be the next leader of the PA. Should that happen, further pressure will nonetheless be placed upon the Israelis to lay down and be slaughtered once again — with Peace Now, of course, leading the charge.

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  1. Ernest Mayo says:

    It has always taken two parties to establish peace, one to extend the hand of friendship, the other to accept it. In true relationships it costs us something of a personal nature, what am i willing to give up, to maintain the relationship. I don’t ever remember Yasar Aarafat and the palestinians offering to give up something substantial to further the true process of peace in the Middle East. Thank You for making this site available where people can post comments.

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