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When In Rome, Do as Abaya and Rava Do

Certain that our loyal readers wanted more details about the New York Times story on the project to translate Shas into Italian, Cross-Currents’ team of investigative reporters set out to get the inside scoop....

Hear Me Out

You probably know that when a person loses some hearing, it can never be recovered. But did you know that 10 million Americans suffer noise-induced hearing loss? Or that exposure to some common sounds,...


The Ultimate Gimmick

Reform and Conservative now propose to lead the charge in Israel. Would anyone follow a general who abjectly surrendered in all major wars, and now insists on leading his troops into yet another battle?

Annual Pesach Shiur

BEH, I will be giving my annual Pesach shiur for women on Wednesday, April 13th at noon, on the third floor of 1399 S Roxbury Dr. Underground parking across the street at the Museum...


No, That Is Not Modern Orthodoxy

Straw men may be useful in politics, but they are not what we seek in religious discourse. That is why Dr. Steven Bayme’s op-ed Modern Orthodoxy is under attack from the right. It’s time to...


Political Posturing at the Western Wall

Women of the Wall plans to show preference to some women over others in a way unsupported by any version of Judaism, doing a “Jewish” ritual supported by no version of Jewish ritual, in imitation of a ceremony that aims to restore Judaism’s doubly undemocratic Holy Temple. And it claims to be doing all this in the name of egalitarianism.

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